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Reach 11 Barrier Free Trail

This project made possible by the generous support of

REI  and

The Home Depot Foundation

This trail is also for the birds
This trail is also for the birds

The Reach 11 Barrier Free Trail is an asphalt, three quarter mile, eight foot wide, level loop that meanders through both upland and xeroriparian desert habitats that are supported by intermittent wash flows. Common plants in this habitat include mesquite, palo verde, acacia, hackberry, desert broom and ironwood. The increased density and variety of plant life in this habitat provides for additional cover, food, and water for wildlife supporting increased numbers of species and overall animal numbers. Some common wildlife species associated with this habitat include dove, quail, cottontail and jackrabbit and coyote.

Numerous locations along the trail provide information signs on the flora and fauna that a visitor may encounter while walking the trail. The loop also features a small pond and picnic area. Bicycles and horses are prohibited.

Pond along Reach 11 BFT

With support (volunteers and funding) from REI and the Home Depot Foundation, VOAz has conducted long overdue maintenance and rehabilitation work to stabilize the trail. Our goal is to enable this trail to continue serving the community for many years. Failure to address existing problems soon will accelerate deterioration to the point where total reconstruction may be the only option.

Start of paved trail

Work Plan
This project will be completed through a series of events in 2009 and 2010. Stabilization and edge protection will be the first task. Surface cracks will be repaired after that. The trail will be monitored after that for additional corrections. Some of the drainage crossing treatments may need to be adjusted based on the effects of the unusual flooding that occurs because of the south side built to protect the Arizona Canal.

Project Leader and Technical Advisor: Michael Baker

Upcoming Events
There are no upcoming events.

Completed Work
Number of Events: 5
Total Volunteer Hours: 1193
Total Participants: 158
Project Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained (brushing, crack repair): 4700
Feet of rock wall built: 40
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 4900
Hardened drainage(s) built: 1
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated (includes holes and edging): 70

Completed Event Reports

December 4, 2010  Tread Protection & Drainage
This event was to complete the work started last year. The whole trail was brushed from new vegetation and reinforced at the edges of the pavement with rock and patch where it had broken down more. One major channel was lined with a rock wall and another drainage, not previously addressed, was armored with rock.
Total Volunteer Hours: 199    Total Participants: 26
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained (brushing, crack repair): 4700
Feet of rock wall built: 40
Hardened drainage(s) built: 1

April 20, 2010  Trail Restoration
This poorly built trail must eventually be rebuilt from scratch. After several advance visits and tests we settled on repairing the most severely degraded asphalt that are likely to lead to rapid deterioration. A more aggressive approach was deemed not worth the investment of volunteer hours. These tasks were completed. The trail will be monitored and additional repairs done if needed.
Total Volunteer Hours: 42    Total Participants: 7
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated (includes holes and edging): 70

December 5, 2009  Rehabilitation

VOAz Reach11 2009-12-05

Click on photo to view report & photos.

Twenty nine volunteers contributed lead by 8 crew leaders to continue the rehabilitation work on the Reach 11 trail. There was significant preliminary work before this event, one on 12/4/09 as a registered event the other on 12/3/09. The 12/3/09 activity consisted of a group of crew leaders utilizing Bingham Equipment Co. mechanized gear for prep work, including you guessed it more rock harvesting. As with the 11/14/09 event rock harvesting, sorting and delivering to the proper locations remained the most challenging task. Work on the culvert and spillway was completed and can be seen in the after photos, really beautiful work. The pond, edging and cobbling of some corners received much attention. The hot lunch was a big hit. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this a productive and successful event. Special thanks to the City of Phoenix, REI and Home Depot for their support.

Total volunteer hours: 242
Total Volunteer Hours: 292    Total Participants: 29
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 1700

December 4, 2009  Rehabilitation
Several tons of rock was harvested and sort from an on-site cache. Some was transported to work area.
Total Volunteer Hours: 106    Total Participants: 14
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 1000

November 14, 2009  Rehabilitation

VOAz Reach11, 2009-11-14

Click on photo to view report & photos.
Photos by Sue Thebes

Eighty three volunteers gathered into crews managed by 11 crew leaders to perform a very significant amount of rehabilitation work on this trail. In terms of logistics, this was one of the hardest events VOAz has held. The most difficult aspect may have been getting the rock correctly sorted and to the right location in a timely manner. But, we did well, our volunteers performed admirably and the crew leaders adjusted well to the situation. We definitely did more of the small edging than anticipated and more at the pond and the low crossing. Mike's crew had the most technically challenging job and they did a fine job of completing the culvert extensions; in part, thanks to the work the Mike and Eric did on Friday to set the extensions. We also want to thank Rick Gibbons for helping Michael Baker for over eight hours on Friday do additional set up work and repositioning rock. Thanks also to Brenda's crews with the chain saws, Bobcat, dump truck and gators.

Total Volunteer Hours: 554    Total Participants: 82
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 2200

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