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West Pinto Trail

View West from West Pinto TrailYears without maintenance left this trail all but impassible in some reaches. The goal of this project is to reopen and reestablish the corridor and repair the tread over the 8.8 miles of lightly used trail in the eastern Superstition Wilderness. The trail runs from Miles Trailhead (3700') to Rogers Trough Trailhead (4700') and follows (for a distance) the West Fork of Pinto Creek.

The West Pinto Trail #212 is located in the Superstition Wilderness portion of the Tonto National Forest. The trail begins at Miles Trailhead (elevation 3700') follows the West Fork Pinto Creek for a distance and covers 8.8 miles ending at the Rogers Trough Trailhead (4700'). All the major trails in the area branch from the eastern segment of the West Pinto Trail. Seasonal water in the West Fork Pinto Creek supports a hardy forest of sycamore, cottonwood, cypress and Emory oak trees. Backpackers and horse riders making loop trips in the eastern Superstition Mountains can use West Pinto Trail to connect the Campaign and Reavis Ranch Trails.

West Fork of Pinto Creek  Iron Mountain Pass   Pool on West Fork of Pinto Creek

The Tonto National Forest purchased the western portion of the Miles Ranch property in 1986 and now has a Wilderness designation. In 1997, Tonto National Forest purchased the eastern end of the ranch. Now used as the trailhead area, you will find plenty of room for parking cars and horse trailers here. The large sycamore and Emory oak trees make this a nice place to car camp and prepare for day trips.

Fall color along West Fork of Pinto Creek   Cowboy art adorning the corral at Miles Ranch

The Rogers Trough Trailhead is a bit more difficult to access as high clearance vehicles are a necessity. From this trailhead, the trail climbs to over 5400' at the high point and continues through several major drainages.

Junction FR 172 and 172A   Rogers Trough Trailhead

3/20 & 21, 2020 Event

At this event, based out of Miles Trailhead, VOAZ volunteers cleared 13200' (2.4 miles) of trail corridor, removed numerous logs and obstructions from the trail, and built/rebuilt over 20 cairns. Also, two abandoned campfires (left by other users) were extinguished.
Thanks to our crew leader team of Ed, Joe, Eric & Charlie for showing the crews the way and making it an enjoyable and safe event. Thanks to Sue for not only the photos and flute concert, but for filling a working role at the same time and to Mike for his experticse and guidance on all of the work planning.
Also many thanks to Judy and Carey for providing hot dinner and breakfast plus snacks, Ed for morning coffee and WaggBag 101, Joe & Tom for the great evening & morning campfires along with Andrew, janet, Sandy & Beth along with all the above for sharing thier experiences during the event.

Total participants: 14; Grand total event hours: 206

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 2
Total Volunteer Hours: 605
Total Participants: 38
Project Outputs
Other (Acres of trailhead cleared of trash/litter): 2
Feet of existing trail maintained (Trail corridor opened and cleared): 6600
Other (Signs & cairns repaired or installed): 8
Feet of existing trail maintained: 300
Other (Cairns built or repaired): 25
Other (Feet of corridor opened): 9100

Completed Event Reports

October 1 - 2, 2011  Trail Maintenance
Photo album available at :
West Pinto Trail October 2011

VOAZ volunteers continued the effort to open the corridor of the West Pinto Trail (#212). The main crew hiked in 2.4 milse from Miles Trailhead and opened approximately 1 mile of corridor along with other tasks. The "Long Hike" crew hiked in from Rogers Trough trailhead and opened approximately .75 miles of corridor while doing the entire length of the trail (8.8 miles).

Everyone enjoyed dinner and breakfast in the shade of the sycamore trees at Miles Trailhead along with the prize draw with products donated by REI, Waterford Press, Gold Toe Moretz, Mountain Khakis, Wisconson Pharmal Co. and Hydro-Proton, Inc.

After this event (the third and final of this project), approximately 5.5 miles (of 8.8 total) have been opened for users.

The following is a report (01OCT2011) from the crew that hiked from Rogers Trough to Miles Trailhead: Here’s the GPS track. Mostly the trail is reasonably easy to follow, but the mile long section between the East and West exits is very indistinct in spots. You’ll undoubtedly end up rock hopping in the streambed, which is okay, the trail is never far away, you just need to make sure to locate the EB or WB exit, since the trail will save time and energy. There is a lot of brush east of ‘EB Exit’ and ‘Cross’, but don’t get discouraged, things improve. It’s easy to lose the trail briefly when it crosses side drainages, the trickiest one is at ‘EB Switch’, we stayed at the same level going into the side drainage and got cliffed out. To avoid backtracking, head down shortly after coming into the drainage, to meet the visible trail on the far side.
We found water at Iron mountain spring and in 2 places in the streambed, small pools only, I wouldn’t count on these sources in a drier year. Rogers Spring was flowing, but the troughs were dry.
Total Volunteer Hours: 320    Total Participants: 18
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 300
Other (Signs & cairns repaired or installed): 8
Other (Feet of corridor opened): 9100
Other (Acres of trailhead cleared of trash/litter): 2

October 16 - 17, 2010  Trail Maintenance
West Pinto Trail Maintenance event

Twenty volunteers donated their time to open the lightly-used but heavily overgrown West Pinto Trail (212) over the weekend. Approximately 1.25 miles of trail corridor was reopened and 25 cairns were built or repaired. The thick brush made the work a bit more difficult than the previous event held at Miles Trailhead.
The volunteers camped in dispersed sites south of the Rogers Trough Trailhead and were treated to a hearty dinner and a fuel-laden breakfast provided by VOAZ. The group included two first-timers, one new member and Paul Burghard of the Globe Ranger District. Paul worked with the crews and also kept a close eye out for endangered Arizona Hedgehog cacti that were growing in the area.

Special thanks to Joe, Charlie and Kristi for leading the crews, Jackie for the meals and Sally for handling the on-site management.
Total Volunteer Hours: 285    Total Participants: 20
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained (Trail corridor opened and cleared): 6600
Other (Cairns built or repaired): 25

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