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Dead Horse Ranch State Park

In 2004, VOAz helped to plan and then built a paved, wheelchair friendly trail in a pesticide-free area of the Verde River flood plain at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. This makes it an attractive place for chemically sensitive people to walk beneath the giant cottonwood trees. This work required excavation of a five foot wide bed for the trail, mixing cement and ABC aggregate, filling the trail bed with the wet mixture using wheel barrows for transport, compacting by mechanical means, and aiding the curing process. Dirty but rewarding work, once completed.


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Completed Work
Number of Events: 3
Total Volunteer Hours: 444
Total Participants: 28
Project Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 500
Feet of new trail built: 750

Completed Event Reports

March 19 - 20, 2011  Raptor Trail Re-Route
Dead Horse & Tuzigoot
At Tuzigoot National Monument 500' feet of an old road was reconfigured to drain properly and serve as a trail and light service vehicle access to Tavasci Marsh. About twenty five cubic yards of river rock were placed to prevent erosion along the channels that now drain the trail. All of the planned work was completed. Work on this project was partially underwritten by a contract with the National Park Service. We completed 750 feet of new trail re-route on the trail at Dead Horse Raptor trail, which included one switchback and several trail grade reversals. Additionally we reconstructed a major wash crossing fixing badly eroded armoring to prevent erosion.
Total Volunteer Hours: 444    Total Participants: 28
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 500
Feet of new trail built: 750

October 16 - 17, 2004  Wheel Chair Friendly Trail
Twenty-two volunteers (Michael Baker, Lou Arminio, Mike Galwey, Kenneth Gousman, Conrad Griese, Judy Hulden, Sally Kirch, Derek Kriss, Donna Kriss, John Kriss, Marie Liddle, Don Pochop, Joan Pochop, Shawn Redfield, Brian Romanchuk, Cindy Romanchuck, Mike Snodgrass, Bev Sass, Nancy Spence, Deb Stevens, Sandra Stirnweis, Donald Ziegler, and Ted Osmond) participated in the return to Dead Horse State Park. After 241 hours of down and dirty labor the loop trail was filled with aggregate, 300' of new trail was cut, and the culvert was reinforced with a rock wall.

The first trail of its kind, VOAZ volunteers have literally paved the way for wheelchair access in Dead Horse State Park. Thanks to Park staff Randy Victory, Max Castillo, Justin and Les Bovie for helping make this event a huge success.

March 6, 2004  Canopy Trail -Wheel Chair Friendly
Thirty VOAz volunteers (Eric Anderson, Erik Andreassen, Lou Arminio, Michael Baker, Sue Baughman, Judy Breen, Owen Chaput, Mike Galwey, Conrad Griese, Clay Griffith, Sandy Heunisch, David Hicks, Martha Hobbs, Laura Horochowski, Therese Jimanowicz, Page Katzfey, Fred Kraps, Gail Landry, Marie Liddle, Peter Michels, Chris Nagy, Eric Orrill, Brian Romanchuk, Cindy Romanchuk, Anna Ryan, Ken Ryan, Charlie Scully, Mike Snodgrass, Nancy Spence, and Ryan Thorman) contributed about 330 hours of hard work to brush, clear, grub, level, and compact 770 feet of new trail bed. 425 feet of that length was improved with concrete and aggregate mix to make it wheel-chair friendly.


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