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Tuzigoot National Monument

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 3
Total Volunteer Hours: 201
Total Participants: 28
Project Outputs
Zuni bowls built: 1
Other (sq ft of med-lg drainiage armoring): 900
Hardened drainage(s) built (feet): 300

Completed Event Reports

March 17 - 18, 2012  Marsh Access Road Stabilization
Tuzigoot Mar 2012

VOAz volunteers were joined by Kathy Davis and her husband Chip. One crew armored the drainage at the inside edge of the road almost all the way down the hill. Other crews worked on the wash crossing the road at the bottom of the hill. One crew placed a row of large rocks at the downstream edge of the road to prevent the wash from eroding into the road. Other crews stabilized the wash below the road with zuni bowls and one rock dams. Wreckage of old vehicles was left in place to help hold back erosion.

More armoring was added to a wash which crosses the road further up the hill. Some work had been done on this drainage during a previous event at this site. Due to a threatening weather forecast all of the work was completed on Saturday. We broke up camp and headed home after dinner. A big storm hit Saturday night.
Total Volunteer Hours: 109    Total Participants: 18
Event Outputs
Other (sq ft of med-lg drainiage armoring): 900

October 29, 2011  Marsh Access Road Stabilization
Tuzigoot, October 2011
Total Volunteer Hours: 92    Total Participants: 10
Event Outputs
Hardened drainage(s) built (feet): 300
Zuni bowls built: 1

March 19 - 20, 2011  Road/Trail Drainage
No Report Information

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