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Schultz Fire Land & Trails Rehabilitation

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 3
Total Volunteer Hours: 708
Total Participants: 54
Project Outputs
Other (Drain Dips): 22
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated (tentative): 5000
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 4100
Hardened drainage(s) built: 5
One rock dams or media lunas built: 10

Completed Event Reports

June 2 - 3, 2012  National Trails Day on Little Bear Trail
2012 06 02 Little Bear

A fun and successful event. The food was good, the mood fantastic, the entertainment by the Story Tellers greatly appreciated. The trail rehab was unusually dusty, due to it being ash. The volunteers all had varying shades of new make-up. Perhaps we could market it?
Total Volunteer Hours: 400    Total Participants: 32
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated (tentative): 5000
Hardened drainage(s) built: 5

September 17 - 18, 2011  Weatherford Trail Rehab Event #2
Weatherford Trail September 2011

VOAz volunteers demonstrated once more that, “many hands make light work”. This final trail rehab event on the Weatherford trail completes the work begun this past June. Beautiful weather, a skilled TA and excellent crew leadership combined with enthusiastic volunteers to pull off another well-executed event.

Camping was closer to our work site, allowing more time for relaxation and to enjoy a wonderful dinner replete with appetizers. Thank you, Judy Hulden, for your excellent culinary skills. A well-fed crew is a happy crew.

Sunday, we completed all planned work somewhat early and retrieved all of the tools. Everyone participating in this final event should be proud of their accomplishments! This multi-use trail will be safer and more inviting to all who venture out on to it in the future. The forest service is thankful for the low maintenance, highly sustainable work we completed this week end.

Be sure to check out the excellent photos provided by our Nobel-laureate photographer, Bob Harper.
Total Volunteer Hours: 192    Total Participants: 14
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 2400

June 25 - 26, 2011  Weatherford Trail
Weatherford Trail, Flagstaff

On the Friday before, an advance crew of four tested rock splitting power tools and built samples of the work planned for the weekend. Eight volunteers worked Saturday and Sunday in the generally cool weather. However the gusting winds were always present and the dry conditions made for plenty of dust on the work site and at the camp ground. The goal was to work 1,200 feet of trail and we did 1,700 with a crew of eight rather than the expected eleven. Easy to underestimate the productivity of VOAz volunteers.
Total Volunteer Hours: 116    Total Participants: 8
Event Outputs
Feet of degraded trail rehabilitated: 1700
One rock dams or media lunas built: 10
Other (Drain Dips): 22

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