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Jug Trail Extension at Salome Creek

The slot on Salome Creek
Deep in the slot

Shortly after the Salome Creek slot canyons were featured in Arizona Highways magazine, VOAz obtained approval from the Tonto National Forest to work on stabilizing a single exit trail from the bottom of the slot canyon located below a reach on the creek known as "The Jug." From the trailhead, canyoneers could follow an old de-comissioned road to the Jug and proceed through one of the most spectacular slot canyons in Arizona. From the end of the slot there was no designated trail out. As a result, the many visitors were carving multiple trails up a hillside of decomposing granite in order to return to the road leading back out to the trailhead. The effects on the landscape were devastating

After multiple site visits by VOAz and TBRD staff, a route was defined that, to a great extent, took advantage of the most reasonable social trails. Because the heaviest traffic through the slot is from April through June or the start of the monsoon, there is great urgency among canyoneers to getting back to the trailhead and out of the heat. A trail meeting normal standards for sustainability would not be used. The result of several years of work is that now all traffic follows a single, high maintenance route. VOAz returns every other year to perform maintenance, repairs, and experiment with inovative methods for stabilizing tread.

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 11
Total Volunteer Hours: 887
Total Participants: 68
Project Outputs
Feet of new trail built: 100
Feet of new trail built (partially on existing route): 600
Hardened drainage(s) built: 3
Rock steps built (New and repaired): 30
Other (Cairns): 6
Feet of existing trail maintained: 1350
Feet of trail closed for revegitation: 100
Other (Feet Corridor Clearing): 400
Other (Cobble Catchment Built): 400
Feet of existing trail maintained (Groomed and cleared): 150

Completed Event Reports

May 4 - 5, 2012  Maintenance
Photos of the event:

Eighteen VOAZ volunteers once again took on the task of maintaining the Jug Trail (#61) Extension. Work included building and repairing stairs, rock armoring drains & walls, clearing and cleaning debris from the tread and installing cairns. A hearty crew of five went out on Friday to pre-set rock for Saturday's work.

Dinner on Saturday night was provided by Brice & Tina Leadbetter of 360 Adventures. Also, thanks go out to Paul Burghard and Chris LaCosse of Globe & Tonto Basin Ranger districts for providing the campground loop, clean toilets and a water buffalo. We look forward to working with these folks in the future.

On Sunday, seven of the volunteers were lead through the slot canyon by our friends Rogil and Dave. The water was slightly warmer than past trips and everyone enjoyed the day's adventure.
Total Volunteer Hours: 195    Total Participants: 18
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained (Groomed and cleared): 150
Rock steps built (New and repaired): 30

April 30 - 1, 2011  Maintenance
Jug Trail Extension at Salome May 2011
Fifteen VOAz volunteers enjoyed a beautiful day working on three different sections of the Jug Trail in the Salome Wilderness. One crew focused on the exit trail brushing, pruning, blocking social trails, and building cairns. A second crew worked on maintenance of the entrance trail and building several hardened drainages. A third crew stayed close to the trail head, clearing out loose rocks and creating a very clear path to follow. Special thanks go to: - Tonto Basin Ranger District (Jonathan McNeil) for providing a water buffalo, a great campsite with beautiful views of Roosevelt Lake, and for working with us on the trail. - Bruce and Tina, owners of 360 Adventures (www.360-adventures.com), for a fabulous dinner and snacks on the trail. - Sponsor REI for providing equipment and prizes for the event. Seven participants were guided happily through the slot canyon on Sunday led by Rogil and Dave. The perfect weather, beautiful scenery and enjoyable company made it an all-around great day. Thanks Rogil and Dave for keeping us safe as always!
Total Volunteer Hours: 144    Total Participants: 15
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 150
Hardened drainage(s) built: 3
Other (Cairns): 6
Other (Feet Corridor Clearing): 400
Other (Cobble Catchment Built): 400

May 1 - 2, 2010  Maintenance

Eighteen VOAz volunteers celebrated National Trails Day 2010 on the Jug Trail Extension in the Salome Wilderness. Work accomplished on the trail included: brushing and pruning the entire length, repairs made to existing drainage structures and steps, new drains and steps installed where needed, social trails blocked off and the construction of a reroute at the creek bank where the original trail was lost due to historic flooding.

VOAz would like to thank sponsors American Hiking Society and REI for providing equipment, materials and prizes for the event and Tonto Basin Ranger District (Jonathon McNeil) for providing a campground (with showers!!).

Twelve participants were guided through the slot canyon on Sunday led by Rogil and Dave. In spite of the weather and water temperature, everyone got a taste of some real canyoneering.
Total Volunteer Hours: 128    Total Participants: 15
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 600

May 3 - 4, 2008  Maintenance
No Report Information
Total Volunteer Hours: 170    Total Participants: 15
Event Outputs
Feet of existing trail maintained: 600

May 6, 2006  Construction

Fourteen VOAz volunteers hiked 2+ miles down and back from the Jug Trail and produced numerous reinforced drain dips, rock steps, swaled sections of tread, brushed back vegetation, and generally got the Jug Trail Extension at Salome Creek ready for another canyoneering season.  Everyone enjoyed "too many pounds to calculate" of food, hot showers, clean toilets, and great views of the surrounding mountains and Roosevelt Lake from the Cholla Recreation campground.

Special thanks go to Quentin Johnson and Annette Smits of the Tonto Basin Ranger District for reserving the campground for us.  For the 5th year, Rogil Schroeter and Kathy Sharp led the volunteers to safety through the slot on Sunday.  These ladies volunteer their time to introduce folks to the slot canyon and to safe canyoneering techniques and we certainly appreciate their efforts.  Thanks to 360 Adventures (www.360-adventures.com) for their donations to  food service and raffle.  And last but not least, thanks to Ken E (a friend of VOAz) for hats received by each volunteer. 

Leadership Team: Mike Snodgrass (Event Manager, Dinner Cook); Michael Baker (Technical Advisor); Mike Galwey (Tool Manager, Crew Leader); Ken Ryan (Crew Leader & Dutch Oven Breakfast Cook)

Work Crew Members: Melissa Gieger, Doug Gregory, Johnnie Grgurich, Gilbert Maldanado, Johnathon Maldonado, Terri Metzger, Mark Minisce, Jim Splet, Nell Teter, Joe Zveglich (bold = first VOAz event)

Total volunteer hours: 96
More Photos

April 29, 2006  Construction
No Report Information
May 7, 2005  Construction

At the end of a hard days work the team prepares to hike back to the trailhead in anticipation of hot showers and a great potluck at camp. Salome Creek is in the background.

Seventeen volunteers put in a long day on the exit route from the bottom of the slot on Salome Creek. The corridor was re-cleared, social trail closures were reinforced, and a variety of tasks undertaken to stabilize previously installed steps, add new ones and improve drainage. The work, made a bit easier by the relatively cool weather, was capped off with hot showers, another great pot-luck dinner built around a pasta course prepared by Conrad. Sunday morning we started with some in-your-face coffee and VOAz's signature French toast (please forgive us for using this politically incorrect name). Then Cathy and Rogil helped everyone fit themselves with a swami harness and it was off for a day of fun in the water.

Leadership Team: Mike Snodgrass, Michael Baker, Conrad Griese, Ken Ryan, Mike Galwey, Marge Sparks
Work Crew Members: Fred Kraps, Marie Liddle, Ryan Liddle, Dick Mayo, Aminda Moore, John Mullen, Howard Olien, Brian Romanchuk, Cindy Romanchuk, Anna Ryan, Ted Osmond
Total volunteer work hours: 153
More Photos

Jug Trail View
May 1, 2004  Construction

French Toast for Breakfast
Dinner was juicy burgers, roasted corn, and assorted fare but how pretty & yummy was Michael's French toast breakfast?

Mike Snodgrass, David Schaeffer, Ken Ryan, Anna Ryan, Cindy Romanchuk, Brian Romanchuk, Merle Parmer, Rob Owens, Aminda Moore, Marie Liddle, Gail Landry, Neil Hornbeck, Terri Gay, Mike Galwey, Cedric Buehler-Bosch, Jean-Michel Bosch, and Michael Baker worked for eight hours, including two hours hike to and from the work location to continue the stabilization of the exit trail from the end of the slot at Salome Creek. After the extraordinary rain last fall we found on one major break-down in the completed during the three previous events. More dips were added and some built earlier needed some repair. The last significant reroute was completed. It included a spiral rock staircase rising over six feet. On Sunday Kathy and Rogil led the trip through the slot.

More Photos.

May 10 - 11, 2003  Construction
Volunteers: Dick Mayo, Ed Blanchard, Eric Anderson, Eric Trollinger, Gail Landry, Jennifer DeWitt, Ken Fiebelkorn, Ken Ryan, Ken Satoyoshi, Marge Sparks, Michael Baker, Mike Galwey, Mike Henderson, Mike Snodgrass, Nathan Bradley, Pati Hodges, and Rob Owens worked!


February 8 - 9, 2003  Construction

Dutchwomam Butte
Fog enshrouded Dutchwoman's Butte

Five VOAz crew leaders went out to set the final alignment and do a few construction samples. We managed to encounter snow, cold, rain, and sun conditions during the weekend.  

Total Volunteer Hours: 80    Total Participants: 5
Event Outputs
Feet of new trail built: 100

May 11 - 12, 2002  Construction
Volunteers for May 2003

Michael Baker, Lee Milne, Tim DeChristopher, Ken Ryan, Mike Snodgrass, Ken Fiebelkorn, Deanne Clay, Ben Cromwell, Marge Sparks and Dick Mayo did a small but critical piece of trail work at Salome Canyon.  Rogil Schroeter and Kathy Sharp took the group through the slot at Salome Canyon. Rogil and Kathy are VOAz volunteers, members of the Arizona Mountaineering Club, and intrepid canyoneers.

Because VOAz could not get this project onto its event calendar until 2003, we wanted to open a clear path to what has become the primary exit trail and obstruct the many other paths that people have created. The trail-workers hiked in Saturday afternoon and deposited tools at the work area. We camped at a beautiful spot Saturday night and met Rogil and Kathy Sunday AM for the trip through the slot.

If you like water and canyons, Salome is amazing. Lots of boulder-hopping and swimming through pools that got progressively colder the deeper we went into the canyon. Then you arrive at "the waterfall."

Total Volunteer Hours: 170    Total Participants: 0
Event Outputs
Feet of new trail built (partially on existing route): 600
Feet of trail closed for revegitation: 100

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