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Highline Segment of the Arizona Trail

A view of Mogollon Rim from the Highline Trail east of Geronimo Trailhead

Projects Goals

The Arizona Trail and the Highline Trail overlap for about 18 miles from Pine Trailhead east to Washington Park. VOAz has worked on the middle portion of this segment heading out from Geronimo Trailhead in both directions.  The Highline Trail is a long established trail of use in erosive Coconino Sandstone. It is crossed by many ravines that carry water down the slopes of the Mogollon Rim, which forms the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in eastern Arizona. A result of this configuration is some severe erosion of trails that frequently lie on a fall-line. VOAz's goal since it began work here in 1999 has been to stabilize the trail through realignments and the introduction of water management structures. The Sierra Club has been the Arizona Trail Association Steward of the four mile section east of the Geronimo Trailhead since at least 2001. VOAz has partnered with the Sierra Club for a work event every year or two.

Project Leader: Marge Sparks

Project Technical Advisor: Michael Baker, Lou Arminio (since fall 2006)

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Completed Event Reports

April 21 - 22, 2007  Maintenance

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Maintenance Unorganized Photo Album with Self-Captioning

Nether rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail could keep the intrepid VOAz volunteers from completing their mission: rehabilitating 1,200 feet of severely deteriorated trail heading east at the Geronimo Trailhead. Special thanks to Walt Thole of the Tonto National Forest and Ted Julius, Camp Geronimo Manager.

Leadership team: Marge Sparks (Event Manager). Marilyn Schrab & Shirley Armstrong (Food Service). Lou Arminio (Technical Advisor). Eric Anderson, Michael Baker (and Tool Manager), Robert Bruce, Sandra Stirnweis, Bruce Weidenhamer, Joseph Zveglich(Crew Leaders).

Crew members: Eric Alexander, Ed Blanchard, Jill Bluhm, Judy Breen, Jesse Dwyer, William Emerson, Ken Fields, Matt Gilbert, Bruce Gorman, Doug Gregory, Stephanie Hawthorne, Joe Longbotham, Dick Mayo, Peter Michels, Shawn Redfield, , Logan Snidenwora, Karsten Solheim,  Nancy Spence, Aleph Stevens,  Nell Teter (bold = first VOAz event)

Total volunteer hours: 428
April 16 - 17, 2005  Reroute & Maintenance

Crew assignments at the campsite prior to heading up the Highline Trail

Rerouting & Maintenance  Photo Album.

Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of 33 volunteers, including 10 crew leaders, the Highline Trail received some much-needed cleanup and improvement. A total of 373 man hours yielded: 13 cleaned water bars; 4 old trails/potential social trail closures; a dismantled fire ring; 300 feet of de-bermed trail to allow cross-slope drainage; and the crowning achievement, 53 drain dips newly built or repaired! Special thanks to Ted Julius, Camp Geronimo Manager, for his cooperation over the years and use of the camp’s amenities; Walt Thole, Tonto National Forest Service, for logistical support and identification with the VOAz mission; and the Sierra Club for sharing the food cost.

Crew leaders Eric Anderson, Michael Baker, Ken Fiebelkorn, Mike Galwey, Conrad Griese, Mike Henderson, Lee Milne, Ken Ryan, Mike Snodgrass, and Marge Sparks.

Other volunteers: Barb Bruno, Dan Cline, Cathy Droll, Marilynn Greiser, Carl Golnik, Sandy Heunisch, Martha Hobbs, Nancy Hughes, Jim Knott, Gail Landry, Dick Mayo, Jeri Merritt, Pete Michaels, Shawn Redfield, Bob Royal, Anna Ryan, Nancy Spence, Deb Stevens, Sandra Stirnweis, Mary Suave, Bruce Weidenhamer, Jess Wikle, and Kelli Williamson.
October 11 - 12, 2003  Reroute & Maintenance

Rerouting & Maintenance  Photo Album.

Forty five volunteers were in attendance for one or two days at Camp Geronimo and continued trail realignment work beyond the end of that which was completed in 2002. As a result, about 800' of new trail now weaves uphill through a series of climbing turns from the end point of the work in 2002 to the old trail alignment. The old trail rut and drainage line was closed off and obliterated near the connection points. Drawing prizes, bandannas for everyone, entertainment by vocalist and guitar player Anne James of Shaker Music in Payson, showers, and good food enriched the experience for everyone. In the words of one first time volunteer:

"Regarding the Highline/Arizona Trail event on October 11, I had a great time thanks to the impressive organization of VOAz as well as the dedication of the crew leaders.  I was struck by the amount of thought and energy that goes into each project, with specific concern for the safety and enjoyment of all participants.   Thank you for a memorable experience" Kenneth Fields

Volunteers: Kelli Williamson, William Werner, Bruce Weidenhamer, Barbara Ver Woert, Nancy Spence, Marge Sparks, Mike Snodgrass, Divina Shanti, Charlie Scully, Ken Ryan, Anna Ryan, Jon Radtke, Joan Pochop, Don Pochop, Merle Parmer, Bill Owen, Kathy Owen, Kelly Mott-Lacroix, Lee Milne, Dick Mayo, Christine Lockhart, Alex Lockhart, Hanna Lockhart, Brian Lockhart, Gail Landry, Patrick Lacroix, Donna Kriss, John Kriss, Neil Hornbeck, Lou Hoover, Kenneth Fields, Ken Fiebelkorn, Jamie Brown, Ed Blanchard, Michael Baker, Lou Arminio.
October 12 - 13, 2002  Reroute & Maintenance

Rerouting & Maintenance 

Following the 2001 event and diligent lobbying by Marge Sparks, the Palo Verde Section of the Sierra Club reaffirmed its commitment to stewardship of the Arizona Trail in this area. The Sierra Club segment is four miles of trail heading east from Geronimo Trailhead to Bray Creek. The first mile of this segment was worked on during the 1999 REI Service Project, and three more miles of trail beyond that of which more than half is in wretched shape. Following a Sierra Club/VOAz inspection hike in early 2003, it was estimated that it would only take about 15 years to upgrade this trail to a sustainable and will entail lengthening this segment by at least thirty percent.

At the first VOAz/Sierra Club event, 31 volunteers extended the area of reconstruction 850 feet beyond the end of the work completed in 1999.

Volunteers: Dick Mayo, Lorna Glaunsinger, Ken Ryan, Marge Sparks, Michael Baker, Bruce McIntyre, Mike Snodgrass, Lou Arminio, Dan Valles, Bill Sowle, Cindy Kleist, Mike Henderson, Joan Pochop, Joan Hasendorhl, Tom Lazzelle, Tim DeChristopher, Kevin Patterson, Don Pochop, Slawa Ciula, Jackie Keller, Ken Fiebelkorn, Ed Blanchard, Sally Meyer, Mike Galwey, Kelli Williamson, Paul Zemboy, Fred Padgett, Paul Martucci, Carol Kowalczyk, Joe Michalides, and William Glaunsinger.
October 13 - 14, 2001  Reroute & Maintnance

During this event, 28 volunteers hiked one mile west of the Geronimo Trailhead and provided over 250 hours of work rerouting a section of badly eroded trail.

Thanks to the ASU Great Outdoors Club and the members who participated: Alysia Cox, Ariane D'Sonza, Katie Kelberlau, Wendy King, Mathew Van Wormer, Melissa Scheiblein, Morgan Renner, Rachel Gross, Sasha Keyel, Teresa Simmons, Tim DeChristopher, and Tyler Glembo.

Other volunteers: Anne Buehler, Cedric Buehler-Bosch, Jean-Michel Boehler Bosch, Yann Buehler-Bosch, Dan Shein, Dan Valles, Ken Ryan, Marc Brown, Marge Sparks, Marilyn Schrab, Richard Theobald, Shirley Armstrong, and Steve Wieczorek. VOAz crew leaders: Michael Baker, Les Cherow, Laura Rubin, Danny Ruppert, and Marge Sparks.

Mike Snodgrass did a great job in his first time in the VOA Technical Advisor role. Jennifer DeWitt provided her usual enhancements with the food service, in spite of being trapped on the side of the Beeline for several hours Friday night with a dead car full of food. Thanks again to Walt Thole for working with VOAz to plan a good event.

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