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General Springs Canyon Habitat Restoration

This project is located on the Mogollon Rim near General Springs Cabin. A number of years ago the U.S. Forest Service built an elk exclosure fence on General Springs Creek near the Cabin. ("General Springs" refers to the multiple sources of water in the area and not to military hero.) The exclosure protects a native fish breeding habitat. It also has enabled regeneration of willow, including Bebb willow. The Arizona Trail passes through this area, skirting the exclosure and crossing the creek in a meadow just below the exclosure. While there are problems with the placement of the trail in this meadow, it was decided that efforts should be made to stabilize the trail and mitigate any negative effects on the stream.

This area was on the former live stock corridor between the high country and the lower elevations along the head of Tonto Creek, which lies below the Rim. There are also remnants of homesteader buildings. The stream bed is severely incised, which is one product of mismanaged grazing. Several head cuts are present-- one of which is severe. The amount of moisture this area receives has produced a heavy stand of native grasses, which has contained the damage.

Projects Goals

1. Stabilize several drainage lines that intersect with the trail as the make their way to the creek
2. Stabilize the trail/stream intersection
3. Stop the most severe head cut along the stream, about 50 feet below the trail/stream intersection
5. Reduce silt transport into the creek, which is bad for aquatic health, by landscaping work on an exposed bank

Project Leader: Michael Baker

Project TA: Michael Baker, with technical guidance from Dick Flieshman, Hyrdologist with the Blue Ridge RD.

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 1
Total Volunteer Hours: 292
Total Participants: 0

Completed Event Reports

September 8 - 9, 2007  Stream and trail stabilzation

Saturday evening after dinner

Stream & Trail Stabilization Photo Album

Twenty three volunteers encamped near the cabin for this event. By about 11AM on Sunday we were able to complete more than was originally planned. The trail passing through the meadow was improved and stabilized at treating three stream and side drainage crossings. A fine set of check-step replaced an incipient trench. A minor and major head cut were "plugged." (Robert Bruce's and Anna Ryan's crews) The major head cut barrier/stilling pond work resulted in an elegant wall that, is to far from the trail for visitors to appreciate. (Ken Ryan's crew) But, that is OK--we should leave these places for the creatures who depend on the water and nutrients of the stream. (There is still a section of trail that is transporting substantial amounts of silt into the creek that should be relocated.) The entire exposed back (about 70 lineal feet) was rounded off, replanted with sod, and resided with seeds gathered nearby. (Anna Ryan's crew) At Dick's request, a small crew went down the canyon and reworked a point where the trail passes next to a side drainage. A plug of limbs and pine needles had developed in the drainage sending water onto the trail where the sandy soils were rapidly eroded. The plug was removed, protections added to the vulnerable trail side, head cut plugs built, and the point where the trail crossed the drainage reconfigured.

Work Crew and Staff: (bold = 1st event) Michael Baker (Technical Advisor), Ed Blanchard (Event Manager), Jill Bluhm,; Robert Bruce (Crew Leader), Tim Craig, Mike Galwey (Tool Manager), Ed Gray, Sally Kirch( Food Service Assist), Joe Longbotham, Kathy Lopez, Eric, Laura, Brianna and Issac Orrill, Anna Ryan (Crew Leader), Ken Ryan (Crew Leader), Mo Saraiya, Marilyn Shrab (Food Service Manager), David Schwartz, John Wiechman, Joseph Zveglich, Jesse Dwyer, Matt Gilbert.

Total Volunteer Hours: 250

Total Volunteer Hours: 292    Total Participants: 0

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