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young Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

young Volunteers for Outdoor arizona

Families sometimes bring their children to VOAz events. From time to time groups from schools, churches, or human services agencies bring their youth. But until young Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona was started with the support of REI, there was no special effort to accommodate young people. The value of getting young people outdoors and connected with nature has received considerable national media attention due to a popular book by Richard Louv. Louv raised a general alarm about the diminishing connections between young people and the natural environment.

Given VOAz's success in developing a strong program focused on adult volunteering, we created young Volunteers for Ourdoor Arizona (yVOAz). While "work" at yVOAz is meaningful--it is designed achieve outcomes of genuine value to the environment, yVOAz places a special emphasis on education with respect to the value of the specific work and the importance giving back to the environment from which, after all, we draw everything we need to sustain life.

Parents, teachers, and others who work with young people are invited to contact VOAz about arranging a special outdoor volunteering opportunity for their youth groups.

Special thanks to Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) for the financial support for this project.

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 4
Total Volunteer Hours: 210
Total Participants: 50

Completed Event Reports

April 25 - 26, 2009  Land Restoration
Volunteers from the Desert Botanical Garden TEENs program

Native Plant Restoration

Nine vounteers from the Desert Botanical Garden TEENs (Teen Environmentalists Exploring Nature) program spent a Saturday morning reshaping damaged landscape and reseeding disturbed areas with native grass at Montezume Well.

Thanks the the staff at the Monument Castle National Monument for supervising the work.
Total Volunteer Hours: 74    Total Participants: 10
October 30, 2008  Trail Construction
Trail work in South Mountain Park

Students for Desert Vista High School built new trail as part of the VOAz project to realign a segment of the perimeter trail in the northwest end of South Mountain Park.

young Volunteers:Araron, Paul, Amanda, Addison, Tom, Brittany, Stephanie S, Natillie, Alex, Staphanie W, Bobbie, CJ, Carley, Kari and Chris (faculty trip leader)

Volunteer Staff: Carla, Eric, Donna, Michael, Thom

Thanks to our event partners from the Phoenix Mountain Preserve: Kim Kieth - Park Manager

Total Volunteer Hours: 59    Total Participants: 19
October 25, 2008  Bufflegrass Removal
Volunteers from the Outdoor Club of Thunderbird High School

Buffel grass Removal in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

Members of the Outdoor Club of Thunderbird High School dug and filled 48 bags of buffel grass at our 19th Avenue site. Thom Hulen of VOAz provided an orientation to the problems created by this non-native bunch grass to start the day.

young Volunteers: Carla, Cody, Dalton L, Dalton O, Eric, Jacob, Jeremy, Joseph, Kevin, Kyle, and Raymond.

Volunteer Staff: Carla, Donna, Michael, Thom

Thanks to our event partners from the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Staff: Jerry Waehner - Park Manager and Park Rangers Donnie and Scott.

Thanks to FOP Lodge # 2 (Larry and Pat) for making their facilities and parking lot available to us.
Total Volunteer Hours: 51    Total Participants: 16
October 18, 2008  Trail Construction
No Report Information
Total Volunteer Hours: 26    Total Participants: 5

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