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Grand Canyon NP Conservation Work

The park runs extensive volunteer programs and in 2007 asked VOAz for assistance in expanding volunteer contributions to the meeting the trail and habitat protection work at the park.

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 10
Total Volunteer Hours: 2378
Total Participants: 184
Project Outputs
Other (Bags of Litter): 65
Other (10 + feet of road shoulder cleaned - 2miles long and more): 2
Other (Miles of road edge cleared of saplings): 2
Other (Invasive Plants removed): 4230
Native plants planted: 800
Native plants planted (native plan seeds harvested): 600
Other (Protective Cages installed around plantings): 22
Acre(s) cleared of noxious weeds: 20
Other (Square meters of mulch spread on plantings): 100
Other (noxious plants removed): 9000
Other (Miles Vegetation Cleared along Scenic Roadside): 2

Completed Event Reports

September 9, 2011  Vegetation Maintenance

Thank you to the 2 new attendees and 9 VOAz members, who contributed to another successful event at the Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim on September 9th! Although the weather threatened with lightening and thunder, no rain materialized and a full 8 hour day was completed, as scheduled.

The GCNP rep, Greg, provided a morning safety brief aided by a graphic he has been using with other volunteer groups. Suggested by our Gail Landry at last July's event, the graphic made it much easier this time to understand the confusing but, necessary, process of safely closing down one lane of the 2-way road to set-up and control 2-way traffic. The morning duo, Andrea & Dennis, and afternoon team, Tom & Jim, used STOP/SLOW signs and excellent radio communications to keep traffic flowing without incident and little interruption to drivers entering & leaving the park!

The remaining volunteers, Mike, Tracy, Nancy, Charlie, Michelle and Ed, rapidly eliminated any hint of 2d or 3rd year woody growth along the 1 mile section of denied lane. Greg, the NP rep, used a chainsaw to make short work of any hazardous deadfall. After a one hour lunch break and a change in job positions, a well-orchestrated lane change was executed and it was back to work on the opposite side.

At the end of the day, more work than was anticipated had been completed, making for a happy park service intern and hungry volunteers. Greg took time to thank each volunteer for their participation and passed out park souvenirs.

Rains began in the early evening but could not dampen the spirits of well-fed volunteers. Tracy and Tom had set up their own pop-up which now doubled as a dining facility and assembly area for raffle drawings and prizes. Once again, VOAz volunteers rule!
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim 9-9-11
Total Volunteer Hours: 100    Total Participants: 11
Event Outputs
Other (Miles of road edge cleared of saplings): 2

July 8, 2011  Vegetation Maintenance
Grand Canyon NP Vegetation Maintenance July 2011

A great mix of first-time volunteers and familiar faces joined efforts at this Grand Canyon North Rim event. While we anticipated the "stab and scratch" job of taming growth of New Mexico Locust, our group was needed elsewhere. Volunteers spent the day along the main roadside entrance (Hwy 67) to Grand Canyon National Park clearing vegetation, saplings, and clearing drainage ditches in order to provide travelers with a clear and safe sight-line while cruising into the Park.

We were treated to a wonderful Monsoon visit to the North Rim - with sunny mornings, and (like clock-work) storms in the afternoon. Fortunately for Park Intern Greg, we completed our 2 miles of vegetation clearing as the thunder, lightning and rain moved in to cut our workday short, while volunteers made a mad dash back to our cars. Kudos to Amy and Gail for sloshing from the farthest point!

Long-time volunteer Gail L. joined us from Colorado to provide an extra hand, be our coffee barista, and practice her photographic skills. We were delighted to have Duncan (now 13!) and his Aunt Lorena join us again at Grand Canyon, as well as the Dolan Springs Posse - Sue, Geni, and Ingrid. Always a pleasure to have Dennis join in, especially with those great radio-skills - take note, all future "road flaggers" should have a lesson from him! A big thanks to Kristi for her comic relief, sous chef position, and pointers on proper tree trimming. And, we can't begin to thank our first timers - Mike (the official taste-tester), Georgi (next time you lead the stretching!), and Amy (the brave lightning rod)!

Hope to see y'all again at the Canyon!
Total Volunteer Hours: 103    Total Participants: 12
Event Outputs
Other (Miles Vegetation Cleared along Scenic Roadside): 2

April 2 - 3, 2011  Vegetation Management
No Report Information
Total Volunteer Hours: 236    Total Participants: 19
Event Outputs
Acre(s) cleared of noxious weeds: 20

November 6 - 7, 2010  Vegetation Management
Grand Canyon South Rim : Vegetation Work

Working with the Grand Canyon Vegetation team, our volunteers removed several species of invasive plants at the east park entrance building, then planted several varieties of native plants in the island areas by the entrance.

We also rehabiliated an old road section near Desert View by clearing gravel, building nests and planting native species which we then watered and mulched.

Both Saturday and Sunday our group was treated to lunch at Desert View by the Vegetation team. At the end of work on Sunday volunteers were presented with a certificate, magnet, bandana, pin, and patch from the Grand Canyon National Park.
Total Volunteer Hours: 289    Total Participants: 17
Event Outputs
Native plants planted: 800
Other (Invasive Plants removed): 4230
Other (Square meters of mulch spread on plantings): 100
Other (Protective Cages installed around plantings): 22

September 14 - 16, 2010  Vegetation Maintenance
Grand Canyon North Rim 2010

Cut back vegetation 5-6 feet on appx. 1 mile of shoulder on each side of the road (ergo: 2 miles total). Involved lopping, hand sawing and removing the slash, consisting mostly of very thorny mountain locust. For some it also involved traffic control.The weather was perfect, both day and night and everyone, although tired and sore after work, revived with good food, drink, cameraderie and some rest, to do it again and again. The crew managed to - once again - outperform the expectations of the NPS staff. As a bonus, a view pullout was cleared as well. No injuries that could not be dealt with with a 'pity party' occurred.
Total Volunteer Hours: 446    Total Participants: 18
Event Outputs
Other (10 + feet of road shoulder cleaned - 2miles long and more): 2

June 12, 2010  Litter Procurement
Grand Canyon June 2010

It's June and we were greeted with a cold, windy, and wet weekend up at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Thirty four volunteers braved the erratic weather in order to spend the day scouring the grounds around GCNP Visitor's Center for trash in a continued effort to not only clean the area, but also minimize the affect of trash bits on wildlife - primarily the California Condor.

A short diversion from the wind and rain, we were treated to a special ceremony with Park Ranger Scott, who confirmed 28 VOAz volunteers as new and smiling Junior Rangers, promising to uphold the Park's mission and explore Grand Canyon.
Total Volunteer Hours: 247    Total Participants: 34
May 29, 2010  Litter Procurement
Grand Canyon May2010

Memorial Day weekend at Grand Canyon National Park provided beautiful weather for our group of 22 volunteers, informally dubbed the "Condor Bait Elimination" Team. Volunteers from metro Phoenix and Flagstaff enjoyed a tasty breakfast of zip-lock omelets and Gail's cowgirl coffee to warm our bellies while listening to a very informative presentation by GCNP Interpretive Ranger Scott on the effects of trash on wildlife, especially the California Condor. We quickly realized our mission and set out with Ranger Mike to collect litter for the day. You name it, we found it...bottle caps, tin foil, plastic bags, rope, and some other large pieces of metal - all of which potentially end up blocking the regurgitation and digestion process of the Condor.

Our industrious team worked so hard, we found the day cut short and headed back to camp to clean up, relax, and prepare for an amazing dinner of pasta bolognese, campfire garlic bread (thanks, Doug!), salad, and pie. Gourmet chef Gail will always be welcomed at Grand Canyon events!

A parting of ways Sunday morning, many visited the depths of Grand Canyon, with new-comers Andy & Kim even scoring a bed at Phantom Ranch. We look forward to our next return! A big thanks to Grand Canyon National Park for their hospitality, and the many staff we came into contact with - Todd Nelson (Volunteer Coordinator), Ranger Mike McHenry, and Interpretive Ranger Scott Kraynak.
Total Volunteer Hours: 132    Total Participants: 22
Event Outputs
Other (Bags of Litter): 65

August 8 - 9, 2009  Weeds, Seeds and Nursery Tasks
Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona - Grand Canyon NP Conservation Work
VOAz volunteers made a significant impact at the Grand Canyon National Park during this project. Nursery volunteers transplanted 600 native grass specimens, collected hundreds of penstemon and barberry seeds for future cultivation at the park and destroyed approximately 8,772 invasive plant specimens. The invasive plants destroyed are: bull thistle, mullein, horehound, puncture vine, Russian thistle, silverleaf nightshade and rush sleletonweed.
Total Volunteer Hours: 207    Total Participants: 16
Event Outputs
Native plants planted (native plan seeds harvested): 600
Other (noxious plants removed): 9000

May 23 - 25, 2009  Vegetation Management
Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona - 2009-05-23 Grand Canyon Vegetation Management
Total Volunteer Hours: 386    Total Participants: 19
September 27, 2008  Invasive Plant Removal
Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona - Grand Canyon
Once again, VOAz members surprised their Land Managers by completing all the work planned, and then some! Fifteen volunteers cleared more than 6,000 invasive plants from several acres of land at two different sites in the Park. We removed over 5,000 horehound plants, along with bull thistle, foxtail barley, and mullen. At Yavapai Point, one of the most widely visited overlooks on the South Rim, we closed two social trails and planted four flats of native plants. One crew worked in the greenhouse and repotted 400 agaves that will be used to restore habitat throughout the Park. We had one member asked to volunteer her professional services in the emergency clinic, and we met and spoke to people from all over the world about land stewardship and VOAz. For many of us, the responses we received from the public as we worked, was the greatest gift of all.>

Volunteer Crew and Staff: Marilyn and Jenny in Food Service, Hiking Leader Inge & Bob, Crew Members Patty & Paul, Doug, Linda & Robert, Nell, Lynn, *Danielle & Christian, *Annie, Maureen, Donna, and Lily * Indicates first event

Thanks to our event hosts/partners: Todd Nelson, Volunteer Resource Program Coordinator; Veggie Tech Men, Andy Shulstad, Jessie Miller, and Ashton Bedford; Robert Walter, EMS Coordinator for GRCA; Gloria Leahy, Ranger at Mather Campground for taking care of all our campground and parking needs; and Kassandra Theobald, Volunteer Resource Coordinator for the Vegetation Division who helped set up this event.
Total Volunteer Hours: 232    Total Participants: 16

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