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Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona caters to busy people who nonetheless want to volunteer for habitat restoration and trails projects. VOAz volunteer work events provide you with the opportunity to "give something back," meet others who share your commitment to environmental stewardship and love of the outdoors, or just get outside and do a little manual labor.

VOAz Leadership & Support Team.

Why does Arizona need trained outdoor volunteer leaders?
For one thing, there is an enormous backlog of trails to be built and in need of repair and many acres of beat up landscapes that could use some hands-on care. Reductions in Federal funding continue to severely hamper the ability of public agencies to meet basic resource management responsibilities. VOAz has little difficulty recruiting the volunteers we need to complete our projects. We need to expand out leadership team so that we can do more.

The term trained means that the nature of our work, and the ingredients of successful outdoor volunteer events, requires us to do more than just show up Saturday morning and wing it.

You can do this!
VOAz Leadership Tools.

If you want more information or are interested, please let us know. Just send an email to
Ed & Carey prepare breakfast at Pick Post TH
Ken training REI Crew Leaders
The leadership and support jobs we are recruiting to fill include:

Project Leadership

VOAz works with public and non-profit land managers to develop projects with clear goals for which we believe we can recruit and manage the volunteers needed to achieve the goals. Project leaders work with (or are themselves) a Project Technical Advisor to estimate the number of events and the time needed to complete the project. The Project Leader must determine what resources will be needed and how they will be obtained, if they are not already in hand. Once a project is accepted for the VOAz calendar, Project Leaders are involved in selecting managers for each event. This is a good position for those who would like to see VOAz undertake a project near and dear to their heart.

Event Management

Once an event is scheduled, an Event Manager takes on the job of detailed planning, recruitment of additional staff, and coordination of all the pieces that go into planning a successful event. The Event Manager is supported by a Technical Advisor who handles field work planning and supervision. The EM is supported by a sphisticated web site that facilitates event preomotion, registration and communications.

Technical Design for Projects

The technical guidance on the work to be done for a project is provided by our agency partners to varying degrees. VOAz does not accept a project unless we have the capacity to provide technical supervision or we are assured the availability of such supervision from an agency partner. We are atypical of most volunteer organizations in that agency personnel are normally not required to be preset in the field during work events.

Crew Leader

Charley conducting crew orientation
Crew Leaders play a critical role at VOAz because they are the most prominent representative of VOAz with other volunteers at events. Crews typically include four or five volunteers plus a Crew Leader. Much of the event preparation work is done to enable a Crew Leaders to concentrate on insuring that the members of her/his crew have a fun, safe and productive experience.

Food Service

Another of Melissa's super-lunches is almost ready
VOAz normally provides at least one meal per event day. The meals taken together are one of the best parts of a VOAz event. Each event has a Food Services Manager who is usually supported by one or more additional members of the food services group.


We attempt to have at least one assigned event photographer. Volunteers enjoy seeing their pictures posted at the web site, and they are useful for publicity and outreach activities.

Emergency First Aid

VOAz is not able to provide on site first aid or emergency response resources. We normally locate the nearest emergency services and appoint a Safety Officer whose job it is to handle communications should an emergency arise. Individuals who work in the health care field are ideal candidates for this position.

Outreach (Publicity)

While most of our volunteers come to us through the web and personal referrals, we need to constantly pursue other methods of getting the word out about VOAz and getting the volunteers in. Relevant experience helps and a lot of positive energy is needed. This work is guided by our Outreach Committee.


We maintain our accounts with QuickBooks. We file a 990 report annually.

Graphic Design

Digital Photo Albums

Many events hava a photo album at voaz.org where event pics are posted using Google tools (Picasa and Web Phto Albums).

Website Tech

The VOAz web site is based on HTML and ASP.NET 2.0. We need people who can work as Web Techs to help put together HTML project pages for events. We would like to find a volunteer who can reduce our reliance on our paid web consultant for ASP page modifications.

Warehouse/Tool Maintenance

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