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What is OutdoorVolunteer.org?
What is OutdoorVolunteer.org?

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OutdoorVolunteer.org is a searchable, on-line database of volunteer opportunities presented by VOAz and other Arizona conservation organizations. The objective is to make it easier for those looking for opportunities to volunteer outdoors to find those that match their topical and geographic interests and availability. Please encourage your friends to visit this site or OutdoorVolunteer.org and sign up.

The Calendars at voaz.org and OutdoorVolunteer.org are identical.

OutdoorVolunteer.org is especially valuable to groups looking for volunteers. Any outdoor stewardship organization or group (you do have to be incorporated)may create a presence and list their events on the combined calendar through OutdoorVolunteer.org. Please read the Agency Terms of Use for more details. In addition to advertising to the largest state-wide database of conservation volunteers, participating organizations can conveniently register and manage their volunteers on line. How to add your agency or group to OutdoorVolunteer.org

What happens if I am already a part of VOAz (member volunteer or non-member volunteer)?
You may login at either www.voaz.org or www.OutdoorVolunteer.org using the same username and password you have always used. Regardless of your entry point, the system is clever enough to recognize you and recall your past VOAz participation and VOAz membership status. At OutdoorVolunteeer.org you may still search for events and register as you would if you had entered through the VOAz website.

Will events presented by organizations other than VOAz be like VOAz events?
Maybe; maybe not. While VOAz screens all organizations applying to participate to make sure they fit with our outdoor stewardship mission, VOAz makes no representations with respect to the manner in which other participating organizations plan and manage their volunteer opportunities. All participating agencies agree to abide by our rules regarding the protection of volunteer information.

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* If you are currently logged in, the system must log you out when you click the above link. Login at OutdoorVolunteer.org using the same Username and Password that you used to login here.
Boulder shifting on Sunflower segment of the Arizona Trail
Clearing dead fall at 2007 REI Service Project near Pine
Clearing the ancient & historic irrigation canal at Montezuma Well

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