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Jan 18 - Jan 22    Completed
BANWR Restoration  -  Fence Removal  -  Tucson/Arivica
We will return to the spectacular Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge (BANWR) South of Tucson and the comfort of lodge accommodations at Brown Ranch. Surprise!! We will be removing wild-life hostile barbed wire and fence posts on these former rangelands with the assistance of a powered wire spooler. Complete meal service courtesy VOAz and the Friends of BANWR, which will also be recruiting volunteers from the Tucson area.
  The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1985 as the locus of an ambitious wildlife recovery undertaking lead by the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. The target wildlife is the masked bobwhite. Success has been a challenge, to say the least. These shy birds will not likely be seen, but there are many other bird species at various times.

We will be assisting the Friends of BANWR, led by Reta and Rob Rutledge They are full of energy and enthusiasm and have been doing this work for some time, so will be a productive and fun outing. Hiking and wildlife watching opportunities will be included in the agenda.

At the end of each day we will withdraw to Brown Canyon. You will have a bed, but need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bag, for example). No cellular or wifi service at the lodge.

Given the travel distance, we will do our best to facilitate carpooling.

Baboquivari from Headquaters of BANWR
Difficulty Rating: Moderately Easy
Minimum Age: 15
Age Group: All Ages
Max Group Size: 4
Volunteers Needed: 7
Contact Person: Inge Harper

Additional facts for Volunteers (agenda, directions, etc.)

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