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Sep 29 - Sep 30    Cancelled
Wupatki National Monument  -  Lenox Trail maintenance  -  Sunset Crater
Restoration work on Lenox Crater Trail.
  The 1.6 mile trail is comprised of volcanic cinders and lies in a ponderosa forest. Lovely! The cinders are easily workable so there will be no heavy rock work. It has a splendid view of the San Francisco Peaks where we can have lunch. The elevation is about 8,000 feet.

We will be camping at the O'Leary group campground. It is beautifully set up for a group our size, having s large canopy shelter with picnic tables, a grill and a campfire pit. There are pit toilets, but no running water. We will carpool to the work site from camp.

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Lennox Crater Trail
Difficulty Rating: Moderate
Minimum Age: None
Age Group: Adults Only
Max Group Size: 4
Volunteers Needed: 15
Contact Person: Janet Millard
janetmillard@yahoo.com   (575) 635-7091

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